Pastoral Residency Program


“Effective, transformational pastoring is not done to people, but among people. For those who are called to lead, pastoral vocation is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is grounded and given context among God’s people.”
-Pastor Gary V. Simpson


Transition Into Ministry

The Pastoral Residency Program at the Concord Baptist Church of Christ is an intentional effort to nurture the next generation of pastors for the North American Church.  In partnership with the Lilly Endowment, Concord created a two-year residency model program designed to help recent seminary graduates transition from seminary to their first congregational call.

Pastoral Residency

Rev. Wendell H. Paris, Jr.
Class of 2006

University Chaplain

Florida Memorial

Pastoral Residency Program

Rev. Jeffery Thompson
Class of 2005
Senior Pastor
Amity Baptist Church
Jamaica, NY

Pastoral Residency

Rev. K. Monet Rice
Class of 2010

Chaplain Student Life

Wake Forest University

The program focuses on the development and nurture of “pastoral vocation” and immerses the residents in the depths of congregational life.   They learn who they are as pastors and learn what it means to lead in love as pastor among people in a supportive environment.   We stress the development of healthy pastoral practices, strong competencies, healthy habits and self-knowledge — all things that support long, effective pastoral ministries.


Program Design

The core curriculum – extending throughout the two-year residency –  includes guided study, discussion, practice and reflection on worship, leadership, pastoral discernment, pastoral practices, immersion in congregational life and immersion in pastoral theology and reflection. Each Resident engages in the full range of pastoral leadership throughout his/her time, and has the opportunity to explore specific areas of interests for depth; to initiate new ministries based upon their skills and gifts and to work to have those ministries established beyond their time at Concord.



Optional Six Months EXTENSION

This optional extension provides a Resident additional time to remain formally engaged in the life of the congregation after the two years for the purposes of focusing on ministry areas where additional learning is needed/desired. 



Applications may be obtained for Concord’s Pastoral Residency Program by contacting Rev. Emma Jordan-Simpson, Executive Pastor, via email at or by calling 718.622.1818.